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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Custom Nursery

A little over a year ago...I think...maybe longer, I had the pleasure of meeting Teresa, mother of Lana and very proud grandmother of little Maya. I was asked to paint a set of canvases to coordinate with the bedding and window treatments. The fabrics used were by Covington-Topsy Turvy Monkey Toile Design. Lana did a wonderful job of designing this nursery! I absolutley love the sophisticated colors, the iron crib, and the overall non-traditional style of the room. Thanks to Abby of Abby Caroline Mims Photography (who just happens to be little Maya's Aunt) for sharing this awesome photo. Abby is an incredibly talented professional photographer with a beautiful portfolio. Check out her work here
Below are some up-close pics of the canvases I created along with a clip of the fabric inspiration.


Katherine McCall said...

Wow! Those paintings look fantastic!

abbycaroline said...

Thanks Dawn, You do fabulous work!!

Dawn Newbern said...

Thanks Katherine!! Hope you are doing well. I took a peek at your blog...will have to go back for more when I get caught up. Take care!!