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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Monkey Wall Art Mural Made 2 Match Kimberly Grant Crib Bedding

This is a nursery I painted last year to coordinate with the Kimberly Grant "Kaleidiscope" crib bedding. The monkeys are painted on the wall and the letters were painted onto round stretched canvas to mimic the colorful circles on the bedding.


Anonymous said...

Dawn, I really like the monkey wall art. It almost makes me want another baby. Just kidding. Mom

Dawn Newbern said...

Maybe you should by yourself a doll or stuffed animal!! HaHa

Anonymous said...

I think Mom should learn how to use email and not send comments like this in my name. Dad

Dawn Newbern said...

Yeah, me too!! That's funny.

Celeste said...

Hi Dawn!
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If you've already entered - thanks!