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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Happy Father's Day

Hey Daddy. Well as is about par for me, I missed the deadline with the old postmaster to get your gift in the mail on time for Father' Day. So, I have been sitting here at my computer for what seems like hours trying to post a video from YouTube especially for you. You would have loved it, however, for some reason I cannot get it to post to my blog. Another day to learn about that. I wanted to show the world part of what I love about you.
There are many, many things that I could mention but I won't share them all. My dad is one of the very best quitarists that I have ever heard. I wanted to play this video of my daddy's favorite guitarist "Doyle Dykes". You can see it at this link: I have always loved sitting around and listening to my daddy play his guitar. He taught himself to play when he was about 14 yrs old and has always given glory to God for his talents. He has even built several beautiful and ingeniously designed guitars by hand. My dad has also written an incredible memory course, part of which instructs individuals to memorize and recall the 4 "Gospels" in the Bible. By the way, you can check out his books and course online at He likes to tell good jokes, cooks great BBQ, sings well, does some great impressions (the best one "Crazy Googenheim"), a great painter (I think that's where I got that talent), a good listener, excellent minister and public speaker, a good husband -I think, he even made a "Tang" cake when we were little- some of you probably don't even know what "Tang" is. He loves Jesus and has devoted most of entire adult life pastoring churches and sharing God's love. But very best of all, He's always been a great "Daddy".
Love You Daddy,
Happy Father's Day

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J. Wayne Veal said...

Thanks Dawn for the comments. You are a very sweet dauthter for saying all those good things. Love you, Dad